Garden invasion

July 7, 2010

I heard about how bad Japanese beetles can get in around June and July, but I didn’t realize it can be this bad. I noticed a handful about a week ago, and today, this is what I saw.

Japanese Beetles

Devastating results of Japanese beetles on my poor beans

So, I looked on the internet on what to do with these pesky things. If I don’t want to use pesticides, basically I only have one effective option, which is to handpick them and plunge them into soapy water. Apparently after 4 pm, they weren’t that active, and just chill there. When I knocked around the leaves a little bit, they just fell in and slowly drowning. So, after about an hour of hunting down these critters, this is what I got:

Japanese beetles graveyard

It’s pretty disgusting, huh? It says that there’s no way to totally get rid of them, but hopefully this way it’ll slow down their leaves chowing process and this picture should deter them from coming anywhere close to my garden.

It’s amazing that my cucumber and pepper plants, which are inches away aren’t touched by these beetles. Apparently they really like beans leaves and not others. I might have to keep doing the beetles hunting for the rest of July. We’ll see who has the last laugh.

On a happier note, I also noticed my peppers starting to take shape:

Sweet Banana Peppers