Yoga for Dogs

April 1, 2010

When I saw this coverage by abc news (, I can’t help but to crack up to the silliness of the idea to do yoga with your dog.

One more thing to add on top of some of the silly pet products ( we have .

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against owning pets or enjoying their company. I actually found this harmless obsession for pets to be amusing.

We also have a group of people that is trying to defend animal rights. I can see how we need to protect animals from abusive practice or cruelty. But if we aren’t careful, there’s a line that many people have crossed without knowing it, where animal rights  trump human rights. Going to the extreme as to say all animals have to be liberated and no medical testing can be done to cure human diseases is, in my humble opinion, where the line crossed.

To quote from a PhD student in Oxford:

“Without research involving animal testing we wouldn’t have insulin to treat diabetes. We wouldn’t have antibiotics for infections, vaccines to prevent disease and surgeries to treat the injured. If this fundamental research is stopped, we won’t find a cure for cancer, a treatment for Parkinson’s disease, a vaccine for AIDS, a therapy for Alzheimer’s and a cure for paralysis. ANY further advances in medicine and human health are absolutely dependent on animal research.

Right here in Oxford, countless medical advances have been made – most have required some level of animal testing. These include the discovery of penicillin, treatments for hemophilia and childhood leukemia, and the development and trials of vaccines for meningitis in children. Oxford has helped contribute to our understanding of heart disease, cancer, bird flu, infectious diseases and numerous other illnesses. And if we are able to continue our research with animals, we can help find cures for these illnesses.”

Some animal activists even go as far as doing things that can be equated as terrorist activities including bombing or burning down research facilities. Of course some research facilities deserve to be shut down for whatever reason, but harming or killing people for the sake of animals? that’s a messed up priority.

I realize this can easily be controversial but I also welcome any comments.