When I took the job that moved me to Springfield, I know this day will come. The project will come to an end, and I have to move on. As the time gets closer, I was still holding out hope, however remote that is, that I might be able to be part of extended crew for maintenance part.  As soon as that was made clear about a month ago that wasn’t going to happen, I started to look into different jobs in Springfield. This was on top of my company also actively looking for any projects in Madison and Milwaukee area.

Hopefully this isn’t too confusing. The company I’m directly working for is an IT consulting company. They contract out to companies. With the contract ending, and this other company didn’t want to extend the contract, that leaves me practically jobless.

About a week or so ago, after many many possible leads that didn’t materialize, it dawned on me that if I don’t have a new project by the end of this month, I’ll be out of status, which means I’ll be in the states illegally. That will complicate things exponentially. Even if I get a project several days after the expiration date, I still need to go back to my country and re-apply for the visa. Although it’ll be nice to go back and visit, but there’s no guarantee I’ll even be able to get the visa since the whole process appears to be random anyway. Not to mention the travel cost.

That realization started to weigh down on me for this past week. Yesterday, I finally got a phone interview from a company in Milwaukee (let’s call this company A). The interview went so well that they wanted to have a technical interview today. I was all ready and waiting for the call. 15 minutes had passed and still no phone call. I called in to check and was told that they had tried to reach me and it went straight to my voice mail. Since the interviewer has left for the day, they had to reschedule. Did I mention that the timing was very tight to get my work visa processed before the end of the month, which means I only have about 4 working days left to go?

I restarted my phone hoping it was just a fluke. As soon as I did that, I got 5 voice mails including 2 from Renee the night before. My heart sunk because I had missed 3 job related phone calls that morning. One of which was the scheduled interview. I had no idea my phone wasn’t picking up any phone calls since no voice mails even went through. I was frustrated but didn’t know where to channel the frustration.

I re-scheduled the interview with company A on possible Monday or Tuesday. (Did I mention the timing is tight?) I feel like I just lost the last hope I may have to possibly land me something before I’ll be out of status. Not to mention some companies may take days, weeks or even months to decide.

Trying to be as optimistic as I can, I was trying to go through the day without beating myself too badly. At around 2:30 I got a call from a different company also from Milwaukee area (call it company B). With an extremely short notice they asked if they can give me a technical interview. This is the first time I ever spoke with them. I was notified by my company briefly earlier in the day that they might call, and they were supposed to let me know when the interview time will be. So, even though I was expecting a call, I didn’t expect a call without going through my company. So, I was caught off guard a little bit.

The interview went ok. I didn’t feel it was my best interview. It lasted about 10 minutes and there was one technical skill they wanted that I don’t have. So, I thought oh well, I tried my best, given the situation. At around 3 o’clock (30 minutes after the interview) I got another call from my company telling me that this company B wants me. I was like, come again?

They wanted me to start this Tuesday, which contractually, I need to still work here until Thursday. After a brief negotiation, they agree that I can start on the first of July to give them 1 day for the knowledge transfer since it’s the last day for the guy I’m replacing.

I’ll be driving there Thursday night, work Friday, come back Saturday morning, do the rest of the packing and go back on Monday and start working on Tuesday. Although it sounds like a lot of travelling, I couldn’t asked for more perfect timing. I’m just grateful

In summary, I have been through quite a bit of emotional roller coaster this past month, last week, and especially today. From thinking everything will work out and I’ll be able to stick around Springfield a bit longer, to being sad having to move away from Springfield but also excited to go back to Wisconsin, to being a bit anxious (ok, a lot) that I may have to leave the country in a week, to having lost the only hope that was in arm’s reach to everything is ok now.

Thinking back, I’m not sure there was much I could’ve done differently since I don’t think I did much anyway. I can only attribute this miracle to the prayers of people who care for me and for God’s mysterious yet wonderful plan for the next chapter in my life. How exciting !!!