I don’t know what about jigsaw puzzle strikes me as something fun, but I really enjoy working on it. It definitely takes time and patience to finish it. I’ve done several puzzles in the past, but last night I just finished a 1000 piece puzzle I got for Christmas. It took me about 5 days to finish it working every night until about 1:30am.

This latest puzzle is a panoramic painting called “Heartland Serenade”. It’s not too terribly difficult to put this together because it doesn’t have too much area that has the same color (ie. sky, ocean or same shade of grass).

After getting the side pieces in place, I separate different pieces based on different colors, deploying divide and conquer method. Start with the easiest work myself to the hardest.


New Year, Not so new life

January 4, 2011

It has been about 5 months since my last posting and nothing really happened around here. That’s why no posting has been made…. Just kidding! There has been plenty of stuff.

I did finish my P90X. That was quite a bit of work. Since then, I tried to maintain some resemblance of exercise and did a little bit of P90X here and there. That only lasted about 2 weeks and I guess life took over. I’m quietly thinking of doing P90X again as part of my new year resolution. The reason being quiet is because I’m not quite sure if I have enough motivation to even start it. Thinking about exercise counts for something, right?

Another exciting thing was that I got myself a girlfriend – Renee. (yay!) She’s someone I’ve known for quite sometimes. It just never worked out until recently. She’s one of the most amazing women I know. What took me so long to make the move? well I guess I’m just that slow…or shy..:). I spent Christmas with her family in Milwaukee and it was a lot of fun.

For Christmas break, I stayed in Madison with the Carlsons (my adopted family). Between spending time with the Carlsons and snowboarding, I enjoyed my time in Madison tremendously.

Came back in time for Christi and Chad’s wedding. What a nice wedding, Congrats guys!! Having Renee come down from Milwaukee attending the wedding and spending a weekend with her makes it an ideal weekend before going back to regular routine.

2011, like it or not, here I come with plenty of enthusiasm of what this year may bring.

At Blues game in St. Louis