P90X Week 5 (Second Phase)

June 27, 2010

When I started the second phase, the first day was brutal. It was the triceps workout. I didn’t know there were so many ways you can do to actually work your triceps. From funny push-ups like pike push-ups to using good ol’ dumbbells.

For some reasons, this felt a lot more intense. I think it must’ve been the combination of just getting done from recovery week and also the workout itself was targeting triceps constantly (as opposed to some of the workouts in the past that alternates between push-ups and pull-ups. My upper body was sore the next day and totally convinced that was one of the hardest routines. Why was it that when I felt a bit more confident on being able to keep up with the routine, they threw in a new and super hard routine. I guess this is what it means to have my muscles confused.

The next day was plyometrics. We have done this before, but after the recovery week, for some reasons I felt beat. It brought me back to the very first workout we did, which was the same plyo workout. I ran out of breath rather quickly. I blamed it on a big dinner I had earlier. This day happened to be the 30th day. (see my previous blog on this)

The third day was something new too. It was working on biceps. This was tough, but still not as tough as the triceps one. Maybe because I had my P90X buddy back doing it with me. Everyone else was gone for the triceps workout 2 days ago. So, I did it by myself, I could totally feel my lower morale…:)

The rest of the week was the same routine we’ve had before: Yoga, Back and Legs, Kenpo and Stretch.

Another week went by and we are still doing as suggested by people who had done this: Don’t think too much about it just show up and press play. So far, that has been a good advise.


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