P90X Day 30

June 20, 2010

Today marks the 30 day milestone. We are supposed to take another set of pictures on day 30 and compare those with day 1. They may not show the results as much as I feel, and based on the forum, they said depending on people, many of them didn’t even see much of the results for the first 30 days. That’s why a lot of people got discouraged and quit without passing day 30.  We’ll see if the day 60 will start to show more obvious results for me. With so much hard work, it better be.

So, the left pictures are from day 1, and right pictures would be day 30

Front view with arms on the waist

Front view showing biceps

Side view

Back view showing biceps

Twist view

I also took a picture of what my main diet consists of

My diet for the past 30 days

Enjoying my shake


One Response to “P90X Day 30”

  1. […] The next day was plyometrics. We have done this before, but after the recovery week, for some reasons I felt beat. It brought me back to the very first workout we did, which was the same plyo workout. I ran out of breath rather quickly. I blamed it on a big dinner I had earlier. This day happened to be the 30th day. (see my previous blog on this) […]

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