Prep for P90X

May 27, 2010

Date: 5/21/2010 – Friday

So, finally after about 2 months since the first time I heard about P90X, reading more than enough blogs about P90X than I care to count,  ordered and received the exercise DVDs, ordered and received the P90X chin up bar (16 days after the order),  talked my co-worker into doing this with me (later another one joined in), I finally did the fit test.

For those of you who don’t know what a P90X is, it’s basically an extreme home workout program.

Besides the exercise, I also would like to follow the nutritional recommendation as close as I can to reach optimum results.

So, apparently we passed the fit test. Partly I think I was able to pass it because of having someone there to do this with. There’s some kind of a psychological boost taking place. After about 40 minutes of doing the fit test, we decided to watch the first work out, which is basically start with 10 minutes of warm up and the next hour or so of push ups and pull ups. We tried to keep up, but neither of us was really doing it since it’s not day 1 yet (our excuse for not able to really keep up). We were planning on starting it the day after.

Even from the fit test, my body was sore the next day.

Here’s the sample of what the fit test looks like

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