P90X Day 5

May 27, 2010

Date: 5/26/2010 – Wednesday

Today, we had a mexican theme snack day at work. In the past, despite of the name “snack day”, I have always managed to over eat for breakfast and lunch. Having this in mind, I was trying to limit myself from eating too much. I wasn’t even trying to figure out the detail anymore, like how many servings of protein or carbs I’ll be consuming. I guess I just try to eat not as much, but had no idea what category portions I’ve fulfilled.

But even then, I still over ate.

Oh well, I guess instead of trying to be too strict, I’ll try to follow the suggestion on the food as much as I can.

Today’s work out was Kenpo X. It reminds me a lot on Karate classes I used to take when I was in middle school. Tons of punching and kicking. So, I think this was actually fun.

So, tomorrow we’ll be doing the “Chest and Back”, which was supposed to be day 1.


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