P90X Day 1

May 27, 2010

Date: 5/22/2010 – Saturday

Based on the schedule, the first day was supposed to be “Chest and Back”, but because we kind of did it the day before with the fit test and our upper bodies were still sore, we decided to move on to the next work out (Plyometrics/Jump training) and come back to this one on day 6.

Let me tell you, this exercise combined with the first full day of doing it, I found this to be extremely hard. It’s a constant burning on my legs. When they said extreme, it was kidding. Good thing this was Saturday, because Sunday morning, I had to lie down in my bed longer than usual to try to overcome the muscle soreness from the lower body work out the day before and upper body work out 2 days prior.

But it was satisfying because I know I had pushed myself far enough to actually feel it the next morning.

This is pretty much what I look like right after day 1


So, I also try to eat right based on P90X recommendation. The first 4 weeks, basically lots and lots of protein and minimum carbs. they called it fat shed phase. It takes some getting use to.

The nutritional aspect has 3 options. Portion option, Meal Plan, or the quick option.

Portion option has lists of different food category (ie. carbs, protein, etc.), and there’s certain portion of servings can be taken in a day.

Meal Plan has the whole chart of what to eat in the morning, lunch, dinner and snack. Recipe is provided too. I think this will require more involvement

Quick option is basically showing some options for fast food. Just make sure certain servings are fulfilled and not over.

So, here are some of the bigger changes I had to make as far as the food is concerned:

1. I had to learn how to separate egg white. 6 Egg whites would be considered as 1 serving. and I need to take 7 servings per day.

2. Two slices of wheat bread is considered as one carbs serving and that’s all I get for the day. So, no more oat meals in the morning for now. Instead, omelete with just egg whites.

3. Start eating protein bar as part of the snack portion.


One Response to “P90X Day 1”

  1. W. Martono Says:

    42 egg whites a day = 3.5 boxes of eggs (minus the yellow). I guess we know what will be your fridge content

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