Looking back on the family visit

April 26, 2010

Summary of what has happened with my family visit:

– 3,800 miles on the road

– 8 days of road trip

– 4 people in the car

– 3 Midwest weather related issues encountered (Snow, Rain/Thunderstorm, and Scares of hail/tornadoes).

– 2 places to visit (Mt. Rushmore and Grand Canyon)

– 1 family

From the point of view of having a successful road trip, I think we accomplished that. We were able to hit places we were setting out to hit and we did it (for the most part). And at the end, we haven’t killed each other yet. So, that’s a plus, and I have no regret on the trip itself.

My family is supposed to leave in a day. We still have one more full day together, but I’m already overwhelmed with a sense of wanting more time with them. My family wants to change the plane tickets so that they can stay 2 more days. But we weren’t able to talk to anyone from the airline until Monday morning and the flight was supposed to be Tuesday morning. So, we weren’t sure if we are going to be able to do it without much penalty cost. So, at the time being, I assume they are leaving as the initial plan.

It has been nice to have them around and being able to connect. It is hard trying to catch up over 8 years of not seeing each other in 10 days or so. I’m not trying to fill them up with every single detail of my life for the past 8 years. It’s just not practical. But they have been good in asking questions on what will be of interest to them.

I was told that I have a great family and I’m very lucky. I agree with that statement wholeheartedly. But I want to make observation not only with my family but with families in general.

We don’t pick which biological family we are born into. With that family, we are all predisposed to certain blessings or shortcomings.But we all have choices on what to do with our own family from here on. Instead of trying to focus on the shortcomings, I would like to count the blessings and thankful for the family I have. Instead of feeling stuck in a family, I feel like I’m fortunate and blessed to have such a family. It is like any other relationship, if you focus on the bad stuff, which everyone has, the relationship will spiral downward and it’s going to disintegrate quickly. If we focus on the good in people, which is easier to find with some people more than others, inadvertently, we will project positive attitude and thankfulness, which in turn will encourage better relationships.

Of course, during the trip, we had fights and arguments. That’s what family does. We know each other so well that sometimes we forgot to listen and respect other people. I’m pointing a finger to myself more than anything.

At the end of the day, they are still my family and I appreciate them so much for not only being a great supporter in my life, but also being who they are.


3 Responses to “Looking back on the family visit”

  1. JusufV Says:

    Heartfelt thoughts, Tif.

    Lately, I’ve been trying to practice what you just wrote: to focus on how to give out of our strengths and to see the goodness in other people, instead of focusing on the negative sides (indeed, it will only destroy relationships).

    It’s not always easy(most of the times, naturally, we have criticism mode on), but as we are willing to commit to do so, it works wonders I can say 🙂

  2. JusufV Says:

    What you wrote about family, I can relate much with it. Thanks for sharing. Hope you guys get the extra family time!

  3. JusufV Says:

    What happened? No more updates on the blog 🙂

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