Trip with family. Day 9

April 25, 2010

It was nice to be home and woke up in my own bed. We had friends, the Burrs, coming down from Madison to see us. It was nice of them driving 4 hours to visit. We spent pretty much the rest of the afternoon visiting Lincoln Museum and getting some groceries and stuff for my house. I guess having one plate for a single guy isn’t good enough if you are having additional 5 people to entertain…:) Plus, I really need to get those anyway.

In front of my house

Sis and flowers

Along the road, my family kept asking for Chinese food. Sometimes, when the driving has to keep going, that option may not be feasible with the given time. So, I finally brought them to Little Saigon in Springfield, which I believe, met their expectations on what Chinese food supposed to be like. So, they were happy.

Enjoying Chinese food at Little Saigon

In Lincoln Museum, since we were only allowed to take pictures in the main area, these are the only pictures we were able to take.

Sis and young Lincoln

Blended in with the Lincolns


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