Trip with family. Day 8

April 25, 2010

This day was the last day on the road. We got home at 11 pm. It was the longest stretch I had to drive covering 861 miles and about 13.5 hours including the stops for bathroom break and meals.

The night before, we stopped at Amarillo, TX to avoid the potential tornadoes, I still think it was a good call. The driving was good the next day all the way up to Missouri. We drove through rain and thunderstorm pretty much the entire way from Joplin to St. Louis, which is from one end of Missouri to the other end of it.

Some of the good things to enjoy driving through the storm was able to see double rainbows like the picture below.

Driving in the storm

Double rainbows

After getting home at 11pm, we had our late dinner (yes, it was really late), my mom and sister didn’t waste any time to start cleaning up my house and organizing stuff. Know the cleaning and organizing were desperately needed, I let them enjoy the urge to do those things.

Mom cleaning

Sis organizing pantry

Mom cleaning bathroom

Dad just enjoys the couch

Home sweet home.


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