Trip with family. Day 7

April 23, 2010

After having breakfast at the hotel, we started heading home. We took several more pictures as we drove out of Grand Canyon. Since we figured that we might not see any more snow for the remainder of my family stay, we decided to play in the snow a bit more.


Scared to look down

Snow angel

Collecting snow

Showing off the collected snow

Throw the snow up in the air

One of the reasons why people stop the car in the middle of the road

In an attempt to get home sooner, we changed the route home. Instead of going back to where we came from (AZ,UT,CO,KS,MO, and then IL), we decided to go through more south states. From AZ,NM,TX,OK,MO, then IL. This is the updated route:

This way, we just need to stay one more night instead of two. This also means I’ll be driving more hours per day. So, today we covered almost 700 miles.

While we were driving through New Mexico, I found out that there had been 35 tornadoes found in Colorado, Kansas and Texas. We could’ve seen one of those if we stuck with our initial plan. Tonight, we were planning to stay at Elk City, OK. It turned out to be in the middle of one of the most severe hail/thunderstorm activities. With the warning from Peggy, a friend of ours, which has been monitoring the weather for us, we decided to stay at Amarillo, TX. This city is just outside of the east side of the tornado watch boxes, with Elk City in the middle. So, we are grateful for the warning and we are able to make a better decision.

After canceling several motels and booking one, I’m ready to crash. I have had enough excitement for the day. Tomorrow, we aren’t completely clear yet. We might still run into one of those as our path is going through the severe thunderstorm/hail/tornado areas. But at least it’ll be a daylight. We are hoping not to spot any of them tomorrow, but I think it’ll be cool to be able to spot one, as long as it doesn’t chase us. If we do spot one, I think my family would’ve experience midwest weather related issues within 10 days. From thunderstorm to snow to tornadoes.

Here are some of the pictures that show some drastic weather change within several miles.

Hovering dark cloud

Spotted a rainbow

Less than 10 miles later, no sign of dark clouds

20 miles later, more dark clouds

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