Trip with family. Day 6

April 22, 2010

Leaving from Moab, UT we drove straight to Grand Canyon. I was a little bit concerned with the weather. Not only it was forecasted to snow, but the wind will pick up as well. I was also concerned that the driving will be very bad due to the road conditions. It turned out that for the most part, the weather was nice and the driving wasn’t too bad.

Here are some pictures we took along the way

Somewhere in Southern Utah

Somewhere in Northern Arizona

We were hit with huge wind gust causing dust storm

The temperature on the road has been between 58 F and 74 F. But as soon as we are about 20 miles away from Grand Canyon, the temperature was dropping rapidly to around 32. It started to switch from rain to snow.This is what it looks like at Grand Canyon park on April 22nd

Snow on the ground

My sister was all excited because this is her first time seeing snow coming down and being able to feel it. We took a picture as soon as we were able to stop at the info center.

Excited for the snow

I also didn’t realize that we are crossing another time zone, so we got extra one hour again by visiting Grand Canyon.

The rest of the pictures are taken at Grand Canyon. Initially, because of the snow and fog, it was hard to see much. But it didn’t take long for the sun to come out and the fog to slowly go away. After that, saying the view is breath taking is an understatement.

We have reached the main purpose of the road trip, which is the Grand Canyon. From here, we’ll try to get home as soon as we can. My parents would like me to drive straight home without stopping. I looked it up on google map and I found out that it’ll take 1 day and 5 hours straight to do it. So, I’ve decided to stick with my initial plan, which is to have 2 stops before reaching Springfield, IL.


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