Trip with family. Day 4

April 20, 2010

We are in the groove of waking up, packing up and load our luggages in the car efficiently by now. We left around 7:30am. Early enough to take our time to have breakfast at Perkins.

Nice breakfast

We got to Mount Rushmore at around 1:15pm local time. I totally forgot that we’ll be going across different time zone. It actually turned out to be good since that means we got an extra hour that I forgot to plan for. I’ll worry about losing one hour on the way back later.

On the way, we stopped at this pretty interesting gas station. They have a bunch of pretty good looking preserved animals.

We are approaching Mount Rushmore with rain over the horizon.


I also stopped at this gas station that’s pretty retro. The reason I ended here was because I was at the last drop of my gas. I couldn’t take a chance of going another 10 miles with that low of tank. It was interesting that not only there’s no credit card swiper to be used outside, the owner has to come out and read the amount. The warning sign on the front said to not leave the dispenser alone since it may not stop after it’s full.

Retro gas pump

So, my sister wanted to take a picture on the road side.

In the middle of nowhere in Wyoming

And here are the pictures at Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore


One Response to “Trip with family. Day 4”

  1. JusufV Says:

    I went to Mt Rushmore with my brother and my mom seven years ago (on our way from Chicago to San Jose). I loved it very much. The little town next to it was nice too.

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