Trip with family. Day 3

April 18, 2010

Today, everyone got up at 6am. Well, more like me getting up at 6am and waking everyone up. The host was so great that we were treated like in a 6-star hotel (if there’s such a thing). In comparison with the 2-star hotel we stayed in Chicago the night before. It’s like going from the worst staying condition to the best. I didn’t mention much about our stay in Chicago because I didn’t want to end the blog with complaining. It can easily be one of the worst hotel staying experiences. We had to pay $36 for overnight parking in addition to the hotel cost (it was a surprise and by the time I realized that it was already too late to do anything about it. I guess it made sense if the hotel is located in downtown area). In addition to that, I found out that the air conditioning didn’t work. The reason was because the entire building can only have either air conditioning or heater. So, since someone has decided to have heater, the control on thermostat on setting it to cool meant nothing. We had to go to bed in 78 degree temp. I personally was too tired to stay up too long. I just felt bad for my family.

Anyway, so we woke up early enough to have everything loaded and enjoyed great breakfast. Did I mention they spoiled us? They also stock pile more food for us on the way. Thanks to the Burrs.

The Burrs

From there, we went to Blackhawk church at 9am. We ran into several people I knew and I was very excited to introduce my family to them. My family was so impressed on how friendly people are.

In front of Blackhawk Church building

The inside hallway of the church building

Coffee for the addicts

One of the rooms. It's cleared out to get ready for the next service

Next, we visited the Carlsons. This is my other “adopted” family. They have been so great in making my family feel welcomed. They fed us lunch before we took off for the next destination. They made us want to stay longer in Madison…:) It’s so nice to get to see them.

The Carlsons

Off we go to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It took us about 7 hours of driving and 1 hour of dinner on the way. We took several pictures along the way. My sister was excited to have her picture taken filling out the gas tank on her own. I guess they don’t do it that way at home. They have someone filling it for them

Snapping pictures on road signs

Excited to fill the gas tank

We stopped at Minnesota info center as we crossed the Wisconsin-Minnesota border

The view over the lake at the info center

The opposite view of the info center

So, we stopped for dinner at Subway. It was an interesting experience as they haven’t had subway before. It was comedic as I was trying to order two foot-long sandwiches with 4 people wanting different things on the sandwich. The Subway people did a great job and my family liked the sandwich a lot. So, that’s a good thing since we’ll be eating a lot of those (I haven’t told them yet).

And as we were about to leave, I took this picture of the front of my car….yuck. There were more on the windshield too but it was hard to take a picture of it.


Ready to crash and continue on tomorrow’s journey. I did check on the forecast that it’s supposed to rain at Mt. Rushmore, which is our next destination. Hopefully it’ll clear out before we get there.

3 Responses to “Trip with family. Day 3”

  1. JusufV Says:

    Wow, Tif, finally you put up personal photos, and there are lots of pictures 🙂 Nice to see your family pictures: your sis is pretty! Your brother ga dateng ya? Why? Your mom looks the same from your graduation picture, hey, what 8 years ago? And you lose weight ya 🙂 it makes you look much younger! Have a good and safe trip!

    You must be happy and thrilled to introduce your family to your family 🙂

  2. ivonne Says:

    enjoy ur trip tif..:) say hi to them..hahah 🙂
    family time..!!..:)

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