Trip with family. Day 2

April 17, 2010

My initial plan for day 2 was to get up early and ready to go somewhere downtown for breakfast by 8:00am. We ended up waking up at 9:15am, had ramen noodles for breakfast, and didn’t leave until 11:30am. So much for planning..:)

Well, I supposed it’s ok to let my family sleep in a little bit after 30 hour of flying and straight to a whole day of sight seeing in Chicago.

Today we ended up going to Museum of Science and Industry. 2.5 hours in there is definitely not enough time to cover everything. But I personally was ready to move on and get out of Chicago. The city is stressing me out. It’s the combination of the driving and being charged to death with the parking fees. It’s just ridiculous to have to pay $6 to park for the first 20 minutes and $14 up to 1 hour. It’s like my entire day of meal. I definitely appreciate a smaller and simpler city.

So, we drove about 3 hours to Madison, WI to show my “home town”. They slept in the car almost the entire time.

It’s exciting to be able to have my family meets my families far from home. So far, they have been impressed with the hospitality of the Burrs. They let us stay at their place, fed us great elaborate meal and gave my family and I a quick tour of Madison. They are the best.

Here are the pictures of day 2

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3 Responses to “Trip with family. Day 2”

  1. Lim Masulin Says:

    Tiiiffff, you guys seem to have so much fun. You lose lotsa weight, yah? 🙂 Have a great trip…

  2. ivonne Says:

    hahah iya…u lose lot of weight..she looks so excited ..haha..
    tuh kan jadwal ga bisa sepadet itu..heheh..inget umur dude..:)

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