Grow little guys…grow…

April 14, 2010

About two and a half weeks ago, I tried to get a head start in planting tomatoes, lettuce and peppers. So, I bought a kit for gardening.

This is what it looks like when I just opened the box: Dry and thin pellets

Dry Pellets

Dry Pellets

After putting hot water in each one of them, they started to grow. The pellets literally grow thicker

Pellets with water

Pellets with water

So, here’s the comparison between the pellet that has been watered and the one that’s still dry

Comparing dry and wet pellets

Comparing dry and wet pellets

Now, about 2.5 weeks later, this is what I got:

Tomatoes, Lettuce and Peppers



The instruction said to put 3-4 seedlings per pellet. That’s what I did and as you can see, the tomatoes are a bit over crowded. I’m supposed to keep it there another 5.5 weeks. I’m pretty sure they will outgrow their medium.

I was told to weed out the rest of the tomatoes within a pellet so that at least one healthy plant will come out strong, instead of trying to sustain all 4 tomatoes in a pellet. If I don’t weed them out, I might end up losing all.

I’m faced with a possibility to actually kill healthy tomato plants. I would like to somehow save them, but realistically it’s not going to happen since I don’t have enough space to put them all outside later anyway. I guess that’s life, right? In order to have a healthy life, we sometimes need to let go of the surrounding stuff that’s dragging us down, no matter how good or important the stuff is. As long as it is compromising our priority, we need to learn to let go.

The assumption is of course, the stuff we are keeping is actually the important things like relationship with people we love and care. The time we invest in building others up. The stuff we need to let go would be the material stuff that is very temporary. So, learn not only to let it go, but also what to let go.

2 Responses to “Grow little guys…grow…”

  1. JusufV Says:

    The first picture (dry pellet) look like dark chocolate. What form into the pellets? Soil? Pretty cool ya.

  2. Wow…latif turns into a gardener heh heh heh…
    good for you man. Gardening is quite enjoyable, ok, I enjoyed it when I gardened at Eagle Heights, but not so much here. The weather is just unsupportive to my plants.

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