Busy Weekend

April 14, 2010

It has been a while since I last blogged. It has been pretty hectic week with several things going on in my life lately. Like this past weekend, I was able to mow my lawn for the first time this year. It was in desperate need of mowing. My lawn mower almost got buried in all those grass. Yes, it was that bad. But before I was able to do that, I needed to change the oil for my lawn mower. That alone is its own adventure. Never changed oil on my lawn mower, I went to Lowe’s hoping that someone can help me out. I think I came in the wrong time where there were several people working in the same area but they were all busy stocking stuff on the shelf. After waiting for a little bit, I tried to interrupt one of the “helpers” and see which kind of oil I should get and what size. The answer was “Use this one. No, try this. Hmm, I think this is the one”. Yeah, I was completely confident with the suggestion. So, I had to resort back to my own instinct in picking one of the three suggestions. And then the ultimate question to ask (I felt stupid even asking it): “How do I change it?” Without flinching or even knowing what model I have, the response I got was “On the bottom, there’s s knob you can open”. I literally spent 20 minutes trying to find the knob. Good thing I was inside my garage. Otherwise, even the neighbor’s dog would have been pointing and laughing at me. I gave up and called Lowe’s. I was simply instructed to just pick up one side of the mower and tilt the whole thing. I was told that was the only way and there wasn’t a knob to be found on the bottom.

Before judging me, the reason I didn’t want to tilt the mower was because the manual says to never tilt the lawn mower. I guess the instruction is more for when the engine was running and it’s perfectly ok to tilt it for oil changing. Mental note to self: Use common sense.

After mowing the lawn, I decided to aerate the lawn. I guess expert said to do it once early spring and once in the fall. Since I wasn’t able to find one to rent, I bought the manual aeration tool. I have to go through and step on it every 1.5 feet. Needless to say, it took me a while. It was nice out. So, it wasn’t too bad. Right after that, I fertilized my lawn. If I sound professional, don’t be fooled. It’s easier to write it down than to actually do it.

I also worked on my home garden for the first time this year. It wasn’t as bad as last year. This time, I just need to take out the weeds, put on compost, and cultivate it before putting the seeds in.

And in between all those, I was able to squeeze in changing my car oil and meeting up with friends.

Now, story about the car oil change. I went in to the shop expecting to spend around $22 with coupon. One hour later, I was told that the filters were dirty and all four of my tires are totally out of traction. Knowing that I would be going on a road trip out west with my family, I probably don’t want to delay getting new tires anymore. So, another hour later, I ended up paying $500 for what was expected to be $22. Yeah, now I remember why the only thing I hate more than going to a dentist is to go to an auto shop.

Speaking of road trip, my family is coming this Friday and we are going to take a road trip out west. I’m so excited in both seeing my parents (has been 8 years) and my sister (has been 10 years) and being able to have a road trip out west (has been 5 years). I’m planning on taking tons of pictures and posting it here in the blog along the trip as well, but who knows if I can even find internet access.

Having to plan the trip is both exciting and stressful. There is so many unknown, Even the known factors, so many things to balance. I need to find a balance between spending time with them, and wanting to show them places, and not wearing them out too much and still able to do it within such a limited time (12 days total). Not to mention the infamous jet lag issue. For those of you who don’t know, depending whether or not it’s daylight saving time, the time difference can be exactly 12 hours. So, right now, just flip am and pm to get the time difference. The first several days they are here (at least until they are used to it), they will have to be awake when their bodies are used to sleeping and also the other way around.

With the car expense and the road trip, I think I need to get a second job.

On a slightly different note, several days leading up to this past Saturday, several people have asked me if I’ll be alright. Even on that day in the morning, I have a good friend calling me to make sure I’m ok. As described above, I didn’t have time to not be ok. I was preoccupied with productivity try not to thing about what was supposed to be my wedding day. I am so grateful though, to have so many people I can call friends and families.


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