April 2, 2010

It has been 10 years  and 4 months since I went back to my country. That was the same time when I last saw my sister. She was still in Jr High. Now she is done with college and has her own store. I saw my parents about 8 years ago when they came for my graduation.

For many people not seeing their immediate family for that long is unfathomable. For whatever reason, I just never had a chance to go back and visit. Although, we did communicate over the phone periodically.

But this isn’t the reason I write the blog about family. What prompted me to go with this topic is the families that have accepted me and “adopted” me as their own. This particularly meant a lot to me as someone whose family is 10,000 miles away and have no where to go during holidays.

This week, I am seeing two of the families from Madison, who happen to drive by Springfield. Being able to open up my house for them to stay over night is a great feeling. This undoubtedly also cultivates even more of the feeling that these are people as close to  me as my own family.

To add to the excitement, my parents and my sister are coming to visit me in 2 weeks. Yay!! We’ll be spending time together for about 2 weeks. It turns out that April is a family month to me.

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