Hopeful Spring

March 29, 2010


I took this picture over the weekend. This is the result of my back breaking hard work last fall. It was hard to work so hard and not seeing the result for another 4 months or so. About a week and half ago, I started to see green leaves sprouting all over the place. It made my day. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually worked. I can actually grow stuff..:)

I think life tends to work the same way.  We don’t always see the results right away, but we do the hard work now and many times incrementally continuing that hard work, trusting it will pay off down the road. Something I learned several days ago that in order to have a significant moving forward in life, “I need to do today what I can do, to enable me to do tomorrow what I can’t do today”. Translation:  set a goal and start doing things intentionally to achieve the goal.

We all have seasons in life. Some seasons are so bad that we can’t wait to get it over with. Some seasons are so good, we don’t ever want it to end. As long as I know the season change is coming, I can anticipate and make adjustments to it, but when a season of life is abruptly terminated, that’s when I lost my bearing and it took me a while to stand back up. It’s almost like in the movie “Truman Show”, when Truman escaped at night and they have to make an abrupt night to day transformation.

The blooming of beautiful flowers, which signifying the arrival of spring, gives me a good reminder that at every gloomy winter, spring is just around the corner to greet those who don’t lose hope.

One Response to “Hopeful Spring”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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